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Alfresco Dining Pack

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Let’s take this to the (garden) table. Cosmopolitan, Aperitivo Spritz, Margarita, Mojito. Juicy, refreshing, bright. For belly laughs between picky bites. And dinner chat that lingers long after the last rays fade.


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Product description

2 Cosmopolitan
2 Aperitivo Spritz
1 Margarita
1 Mojito

3 Cosmopolitan
3 Aperitivo Spritz
3 Margarita
3 Mojito

125ml, 14.9% ABV—Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry, Lime
Tarty-sweet and chic. Likes lavish lunches. Or end-of-the-night bagels beneath neon lights. Show off with a frosty martini glass and an orange twist? Your friendship never goes out of style.

Aperitivo Spritz
200ml, 10% ABV—Bitter Orange, Gin, Fizz, Soda
Sparkly, bright, bold. It’s giggles at golden hour. And stories at sunrise. All eyes a-twinkle over the table.

125ml, 14.9% ABV—Tequila, Triple Sec. Lime
Fresh, sharp and confident. We think you’ll like it. Show it off in a martini glass with a salted rim. Also good over ice with takeout. Or just drink and dance.

200ml, 10% ABV—Rum, Mint, Lime, Soda
Soulful, juicy, bittersweet. It's lazy poolside dreamin'. Goes with fresh cuisine and wants to see your wild-side. Cha-cha-cha?

Spirit partners

An award-winning tequila so clear and flavourful, that it defies logic. Since 2016, this one has won more awards than any other tequila brand. Now that’s one sophisticated show-off.
Independent rum, expertly crafted. Named after Jamaican spirits believed to steal the best rum. Their bespoke secret recipe for us includes sunny vibrations of mango, banana and herby thyme.
Independent vodka from a family distillery. These Oxfordshire brothers put a lot of love into their land. With warm vanilla and cool pine notes, expect vodka smooth as skating over ice.
Handcrafted award-winning gin. From the first Cornish distillery in over 100 years. Beautiful, balanced botanicals. Delicious and meticulous – it even includes handpicked violets.

Nutrition & allergens

See Aperitivo Spritz nutrition & allergens here
See Cosmopolitan nutrition & allergens here
See Margarita nutrition & allergens here
See Mojito nutrition & allergens here

Our Happy


Good tasty strong cocktails, hand for on the go, picnics, train journeys or even in the garden. Taste true to home made.

Hayley - 26/04/2024

All flavours were delicious. You could taste the fruit and the alcohol. Ideal size to pack in your bag and take on a picnic. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Nicola - 26/04/20224

A perfect mix of ingredients. They are so good for a picnic too. Get it really cold and off you go. I would recommend it wholeheartedly

Isobel - 08/04/2024










We’re serious about cocktails. These aren’t your ordinary tinnies — they’re full-strength classics, made with best of the best craft spirits. Perfect every time.

Ready to go

Premixed, as handy as a can of beer, as ready to go as you are. No need to splash big on spirits. Grab it on the way to the party. Get it next-day to your door.


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