We’re giving away free MOTH: Aperitivo Spritzes for you +1 over at Homeslices across London on the 14th, 15th and 16th of February between 6pm & 10pm. Just get hold of the secret phrase below, share it with your Homeslice team member & show your redemption email. Then put your loving hands around the free drinks and enjoy.

We will do anything for love. And we will do this.

What to do:

  1. Enter your email below
  2. Get the secret phrase
  3. Go to Homeslice, tell your waiter the secret phrase & show your redemption email
  4. Get your free MOTH: Aperitivo Spritzes
  5. Feel the flutters and listen to the fizz

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  • Both recipients must be over 18 to claim free MOTH
  • MOTHs can only be claimed when purchasing food
  • Free Aperitivo Spritz limited to 1 x per person (2 x max per redemption & table)
  • Only valid 6pm to 10pm (or closing time of venue)
  • Venue reserves the right to refuse service at their discretion
  • Redemption is subject to availability in venue
  • This deal/voucher can’t be redeemed for monetary value
  • The venue reserves the right to end the offer at any time
  • By signing up you are agreeing to receive updates from MOTH & Homeslice via email.

MOTH: match made in Homeslice heaven

Our MOTH: Aperitivo Spritz tastes like sunshine fizzing sweetly with a bitter orange hit. It’s balanced boldness. And promises a refreshing first sip – ah, bliss. It keeps it classic with an essence of herbs (homage to its Italian roots). 24hr proven dough and wood fired crustiness. Discover classic flavours and tasty twists. The Mushroom, Ricotta, Pumpkin Seeds, Chilli and Soy Truffle Glaze makes our heart beat fast. Not booked a table yet. Well don’t fret, just click here and get on it.