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Festival Faves

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Be it glitter-clad grooving. Or (inevitably) stomping in the mud. A refreshing cocktail combo – Margarita, Mojito, Paloma, Piña Colada. For carefree dancing ‘til morning. Sonic haze shoulder rides. That’s our fave tune. Let’s take this to the crowd. 


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Product description

3 Margarita
3 Mojito
3 Paloma
3 Piña Colada

6 Margarita
6 Mojito
6 Paloma
6 Piña Colada

125ml, 14.9% ABV—Tequila, Triple Sec. Lime
Fresh, sharp and confident. We think you’ll like it. Show it off in a martini glass with a salted rim. Also good over ice with takeout. Or just drink and dance.

200ml, 10% ABV—Rum, Mint, Lime, Soda
Soulful, juicy, bittersweet. It's lazy poolside dreamin'. Goes with fresh cuisine and wants to see your wild-side. Cha-cha-cha?

200ml, 10% ABV—Tequila, Grapefruit, Soda, Lime
Mexico’s free spirit. Juicy, zesty, zippy. A balmy pink party with a sideswipe of smooth tequila. This one sways from festivals to feasts. And loves a grapefruit garnish. A little bird tells us this will be fun.

Piña Colada
200ml, 10% ABV—Rum, Pineapple, Coconut
It's silky-sweet and swanky. Think pink skies on Puerto Rico. Cheeky with a cherry on top. It's singing that song from 1979 - if you like?

Spirit partners

An award-winning tequila so clear and flavourful, that it defies logic. Since 2016, this one has won more awards than any other tequila brand. Now that’s one sophisticated show-off.
Independent rum, expertly crafted. Named after Jamaican spirits believed to steal the best rum. Their bespoke secret recipe for us includes sunny vibrations of mango, banana and herby thyme.

Nutrition & allergens

See Margarita nutrition & allergens here
See Mojito nutrition & allergens here
See Paloma nutrition & allergens here

See Pina Colada nutrition & allergens here

Our Happy


A revelation! Purchased these cocktails to take to Glastonbury, which turned out to be an absolute revelation. Small cans but strong measures, and absolutely delicious cocktails.

James H - 24/07/23

Not one for buying cocktails in cans as a. Rule. Prefer to make my own, but was intrigued by these and decided to give the margaritas a go at a recent festival outing. Absolutely loved them!

Kristen R - 08/08/23

I took a few of these cocktails to a festival recently and they were so good! Flavours are amazing.

Maisie P - 17/08/23










We’re serious about cocktails. These aren’t your ordinary tinnies — they’re full-strength classics, made with best of the best craft spirits. Perfect every time.

Ready to go

Premixed, as handy as a can of beer, as ready to go as you are. No need to splash big on spirits. Grab it on the way to the party. Get it next-day to your door.


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